It is not easy to be featured on page 1 of Google and it can sometimes feel that no matter how hard you try, there are always others who beat you to it.

If only there was a shortcut…

Well, there is, if you change the game and stop playing into your competitor’s hands.

Bread and Milk

Have you noticed when you go to the supermarket to buy bread and milk, they always place it at the back of the store?

This is no coincidence. The layout of the store has been designed to force you past as many isles and displays as possible on your way to the bread and milk. This allows the retailer to throw many other products and specials at you, in the hope that you will be tempted to pick up items you didn’t actually come for.

What does this have to do with your website ranking on Google?

Well, just as your local retailer does not display the bread and milk in the front of the shop, but still makes it available at the back, make sure all your pages are indexed with Google, not just your Home page, and include all the bread and milk pages at the back.

And here lies your great shortcut.

The Shortcut

Start developing content that is unique to your website and focused on phrases that many people will search for, such as:

• How to take great product photos with your cellphone
• Dinner recipes you can knock out in 20 minutes
• Which internet speed will work best for you?
• What you need to know before you sell your car privately
• Fun things to do with the kids this weekend

Google and other search engines love this type of content and so does your target market.

So, if you are a garden service, stop competing with hundreds of other garden services for the search phrase ‘garden service’. Rather claim top spot for the phrase ‘how do I prune my roses’.

Yes, it takes effort to develop meaningful content, but the results are well worth it. Your added advantage is that others are likely to share your content on social media, thus gaining you an even bigger advantage.

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