The COVID-19 lockdown has resulted in much financial distress to companies across the world, with the South African economy contracting by over 50%. And yet, according to Digital Commerce 360, online merchants in the USA gained an extra $107 billion dollars in turnover, which in August alone represented a 42% increase compared to last year.

The reason is that the lockdown has forced people to change their habits, and an increasing number of consumers are using the internet to find suppliers and purchase products. This presents an exciting gold-rush-type opportunity for forward thinking business owners, and it is possible for you to reap the rewards as well!

The key to benefiting from this online windfall is to become visible to your prospects when they are searching…

The Advantage of SEO

Appearing on page 1 of Google through search engine optimization is not as easy as paid advertising, but the rewards are well worth it.

In order for paid advertising to deliver the required results, you need to keep your advertising campaigns going. The moment you stop spending money on ads, all visibility disappears, and your prospects are soon clicking on your competitors’ adverts instead. SEO is delivering a higher ROI than any other traffic source.

SEO: The Winning Formula

Paid advertising is a proven way of gaining visibility to those prospects who are searching for your products and services online. However, it is far more cost effective to invest in SEO as your efforts lead to sustainable visibility. Your organic listing does not disappear the moment you stop paying for adverts and it can be maintained with relative ease.

A further disadvantage of paid advertising is the increased cost for keywords. The increase in online activity has brought more bidders to keyword auctions and in typical supply-and-demand style, prices go up.

Perfect Timing

We are heading towards year-end and many industry experts are predicting the busiest online period ever. Although lockdown restrictions have been eased, many consumers opt to stay away from malls in favour of online shopping. So, the timing is perfect provided you act NOW!

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